Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treasure Isle Toucan Altar Guide

Toucan Altar was released in Treasure Isle on 18 Feb 2011 and here is a quick guide about the Toucan Altar which can prove very helpful in getting the best out of the game.

Toucan Altar Guide

This bird's a "bosket case"! Unearth the mysteries of the Altar of the Toucan Goddess.

When you login a popup will ask you to place the Toucan Altar base or it will be in your backpack. Once placed, click on the base and start collecting medallions and Medallion Urns by:

Collect medallions to build an Altar fit for a Queen!

i) Visit neighbors' home isles and help them set up their Altar

ii) Ask for help up to twice a day on the feed; and receive Urns which hold up to 25 Medallions and other prized items inside!

iii) Use the Ask for Gifts/Free Gifts Tabs or 

iv) Purchasing Medallions with Island cash

20's plenty! Go loco for coconuts...collect Medallions and you will be rewarded with energy; remember to share some with your friends.

..."Get to the next level" when you trade in your loot for handsome rewards

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