Saturday, December 24, 2011

Phoenix Isle is the new-found Isle Lost in Time! Play Treasure Isle now!

Captain Baha needs your help to discover yet another lost Isle of Time, that is buried in the desert? It is Phoenix Island!

Ask your friends immediately to start sending you Phoenix feathers daily. You can collect 3 Phoenix feathers each day and get exciting Egyptian treasures for you! A new map awaits you at the end of this task!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Winner of "Treasure Isle Landscaping Contest"

Here is the recent winner of "Treasure Isle Landscaping Contest" in Facebook's game Treasure Isle.
Check it out here:
Its Babydorena's treasure isle. Well Done Babydorena!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treasure Isle Kiwi Quest

Hey All Adventurers,

The latest release is the Kiwi Quest as released on 23 Feb 2011.

What is Kiwi Quest in Treasure Isle?

We're searching for a "shy guy"... Tropical Kiwi Birds are flightless and native to New Zealand. They have stubbly wings which are covered in bristly, hair-like feathers. Kiwis are nocturnal and build burrows in the ground rather than nests. Grab your explorer gear and get to know this very unbird-like bird, in the Kiwi Quest. 

Radio Tower Quest and Radio Tower in Treasure Isle

The latest releases in Facebook's Treasure Isle Game are:

1. The Radio Tower Quest
2. Radio Tower 
3. Impish Isles II 

Here you can learn what Radio Tower can offer you:-

1. The Radio Tower Quest

Rescue Captain Baha from those "radio rogues"! Complete this four (4) part Quest expeditiously & save Baha from becoming Imp Roast! Collect coins, a transmitter crate and other materials you'll need to build a Radio Tower on your home isle...

Getting the Radio Tower Base set-up on your Home Isle 
When you login a popup will ask you to place the Radio Tower Base on your home isle or it will be waiting in your backpack.

Radio Tower, Delivery Crates & Landing Pads

General Special Delivery Crates don't allow you to choose the items that land on your isle. The Radio Tower allows you to communicate better with the outside world and receive only the items you need - transmitters, gems, fruit, energy pack crate purchased with coins; the crate comes with a landing pad - place the landing pad on your isle and then hire crew to steer the parachute crates

Upgrading your Radio Tower to Level 1 & 2
Level 1 Like all TI structures you will use materials to build the Radio Tower, the first stage seems easy enough these 5 materials have been used before.

Level 2 requires a transmitter...something tells me we may need Captain Baha's help just as much as he needs ours...Use the transmitter crate you received from Captain Baha or purchase a completed transmitter with 15 Island Cash to upgrade your Tower and take your "isle-deal" talk to the next level...

Test out your communications skills on something simple first - like gems- but you'll need a Landing pad to receive the crate ...and a crew to steer the deliveries so the crates don't get lost at sea! As your crew gains experience you can radio for better items...but you will need a more specialized crew!

Treasure Isle Toucan Altar Guide

Toucan Altar was released in Treasure Isle on 18 Feb 2011 and here is a quick guide about the Toucan Altar which can prove very helpful in getting the best out of the game.

Toucan Altar Guide

This bird's a "bosket case"! Unearth the mysteries of the Altar of the Toucan Goddess.

When you login a popup will ask you to place the Toucan Altar base or it will be in your backpack. Once placed, click on the base and start collecting medallions and Medallion Urns by:

Collect medallions to build an Altar fit for a Queen!

i) Visit neighbors' home isles and help them set up their Altar

ii) Ask for help up to twice a day on the feed; and receive Urns which hold up to 25 Medallions and other prized items inside!

iii) Use the Ask for Gifts/Free Gifts Tabs or 

iv) Purchasing Medallions with Island cash

20's plenty! Go loco for coconuts...collect Medallions and you will be rewarded with energy; remember to share some with your friends.

..."Get to the next level" when you trade in your loot for handsome rewards

Monday, February 7, 2011

Treasure Isle Lost in Dark Mission Guide

The Lost in the Dark Mission in the second in the new series of Treasure Isle quest that have gone live in the game after the launch of the Deep Sea map. You probably haven’t finished the first mission in the series yet (The Cradle of Atlantis), so I am sure you are really curious to know what is this quest all about, so read on to find out!

Let’s start by checking out the requirements for completing the Lost in the Dark Mission in Treasure Isle:

- Gather Atlantean Orbs – 12 (how to: ask your friends for them)
- Fix Atlantean Lights – 12 (how to: use the orbs to replace each broken orb)
- Dig Up all remaining treasures – 39 treasures

In order to complete this mission, you will need loads of energy, so make sure you have a pretty solid amount stacked up before starting. You have 23 hours to complete the Lost in the Dark Mission, and if you manage to do it, you will receive 4,800 coins and 315 XP as a reward.