Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fire God Mountain has finally Erupted in Treasure Isle

After teasing all of us for many days, Fire God Mountain has finally erupted in Treasure Isle.
Your Mysterious Egg has become a Treasure Isle Pheonix now.
Here is the loading screen mentioning the eruption of Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain. Now you can make use of all those Lave Mangoes which you have been stocking up for quite some time.
To enter the Fire God Volcano, you need 5 tubes of SPF-3000 and by courtesy of Zynga Gods you get 6 FREE SPF-3000 tubes to start with. You will have to ask your friends to get more tubes.
You can also buy SPF-3000 Tubes, Lava Mangoes and Fire God Palace at discounted prices for 99 Island Cash with 20% discount.
Have you completed your Fire God Mountain Levels?

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